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What are Subluxations?

Bad posture, house cleaning, office work, stress, sports, minor injuries, and the physical strain of everyday things

– These are all factors that contribute to spinal misalignment that causes interference to the Central Nervous System.

Spinal misalignment and CNS interference are collectively and technically referred to as spinal subluxation.

The human body has the innate ability to heal and regulate itself.

Over time, however, this ability to heal and regulate itself can become diminished and compromised by the many physical, chemical and emotional stressors of everyday life.

Whenever the body experiences more stress than it can handle (overwhelm), this will generally result in accumulation of stress and damage, and a change of pattern of spinal movement and nerve activity to compensate.

This is what chiropractors call a “subluxation”.

Chiropractic care helps restore proper function to the spine and the nervous system it protects, thus improving its ability to once again self heal and self regulate.

People under chiropractic are often notice significant improvements not only in the way they feel, but also in their health and function.

Most people benefit significantly from regular spine and nervous system maintenance.

Every spine requires regular maintenance. Visit your local Chiropractor in Canberra at Canberra Spine Centre.

The chiropractors at Canberra Spine Centre pride themselves on their thoroughness, attention to detail and caring attitude.

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