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About Canberra Spine Centre

Hands held up to the sunAs far as our doctors are concerned, there isn’t a better place to heal than Canberra Spine Centre–it’s a magnificent environment that’s a source of admiration and pride for our clients and team members alike. Our clinic environment and amenities create an atmosphere of calm, quality, care, and confidence. Our whole team is trained to perform at the highest level in every aspect of practice—we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Our clients appreciate the level of care and results they receive in our clinic, leading them to refer many of their friends, colleagues, and family. Most clients recognise the value of what we provide and choose lifetime wellness care in our clinic. Our team loves being together and is grateful to be part of Canberra Spine Centre.

Canberra Spine Centre building exterior

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, guide and adjust as many families as possible in the Canberra region back toward optimal health through excellent chiropractic care. We want to help as many families achieve and maintain excellent health, avoiding the risks of drugs, surgery, and inappropriate or delayed care. Our core belief is that the families in our clinic are healthier and safer than the families that are not in our clinic.

Changing Health, Changing Lives

Our goal is to create excellent health outcomes for our clients and influence future generations’ health decisions with the superb guidance and education they receive over a lifetime of care. The standard of excellence in the care we provide, the clarity of our purpose for each client, and our level of commitment to helping our clients be their best are unmatched within our region. We’re changing the quality of lives in our Canberra community and for everyone in this region.

Outside the Clinic Walls

Dr Powderly has frequently and somewhat regularly given talks on health and chiropractic to community groups, schools and professional groups all around the Canberra area. He has a real passion for spreading the word, not just about chiropractic but also about other health systems. He wants everyone in his community to have the knowledge and the tools to stay healthy.

His goal is to foster this initiative among his team and have them do this as part of their regular outreach and marketing to the community.

Your Health is Waiting

Our team is prepared to provide you and your family with the highest level of care. Call today to learn more and book a visit with us soon!


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