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Top 8 Foods And Drinks To Beat Cold And Flu

Colds and flu are very common illnesses, especially during cold weather. That is why it is very common for people to think that cold weather is the major factor that leads to these health problems. Although cold weather does contribute to making you prone to colds and flu, viruses are the main cause of these conditions, especially when they attack your weakened immune system.

Despite their high prevalence rates, colds and flu can be easily prevented. Here are the top 8 foods and drinks that you can put in your diet so as to help in warding off the germs and pathogens that threaten your immune system. These foods and drinks might contain different kinds of substances, vitamins, and minerals. Yet, their main function remains the same. All of these help in improving your immunity, making you more resistant and less prone to these health issues.

Another way that you can improve your immune system is by having regular chiropractic care. For more tips on how to keep your mind and body in excellent condition through all-natural means, consult your health partners here at the Canberra Spine Centre. Your trusted chiropractor in Canberra is committed to helping you achieve utmost overall wellness. Contact us today on (02) 6257 9400 or simply book your appointment online.