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The Ideal Workstation Setup

Among the common forms of stress that we expose our bodies to is the stress that we experience at work.

More than the emotional stress that comes with long work hours and pressing deadlines, what makes the work environment even more stressful is the often far from ergonomic setup of our workstations.

Poorly setup workstations results to prolonged hours of bad posture, which easily translates to increased risk of injury. Luckily, our workstations don’t have to be poorly setup.

It only takes making a few simple yet significant changes to transform our workstations to an ergonomic space of productivity. Among the most important points to note include:

  • Keeping your computer directly in front of you.
  • Keeping your computer monitor at the same level of your eyes
  • Keeping your keyboard flat
  • Refraining from sitting too close to your monitor
  • Keeping your mouse close enough to your keyboard
  • Ensuring that your seat is well adjusted
  • Resting your foot on the floor, or using a foot rest when your feet cannot reach the floor
  • Placing your arms in a position that encourages right angles from your shoulders when you type
  • Keeping your wrists in line with your forearms, both horizontally and vertically
  • Taking regular breaks every hour
  • Stretching and performing exercises that help your limber

Optimal Chair Setup

Because you spend most of your time at the office sitting down, it makes perfect sense for you to set your chair up to be as ergonomic as possible. What follows is a list of the basic features that make for a good chair:

  • Allows for height adjustment
  • Has pelvic tilt on seat
  • Has lumbar support

It is also a good habit to refrain from crossing your legs too much. Crossing your ankles would be a better alternative.

Chiropractor In Canberra

Chiropractic care is a branch of alternative medicine that works toward freeing the body from any existing spinal misalignments— misalignments that often results from too much stress from our day-to-day routines. By delivering the necessary adjustments to the spine, chiropractic corrects unwanted spinal misalignments, thereby optimising the nerve system. An already optimised nerve system already translates to stress release and effective management of anxiety.

Canberra Spine Centre provides world-class chiropractic solutions to the local Canberra community and its surrounding regions. Contact your local Chiropractor In Canberra at (02) 6257 9400. Or simply book an appointment online.

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