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Should I Use A Heat Pack?

As chiropractors, we often get asked about heat therapy.

Heat application is a popular treatment as it is a drug free way to manage aches and pains.

Also, it usually feels very comfortable, particularly during the winter months. We hope this article answers some of your questions about this frequently used therapy.

When should I use a heat pack?

Chronic pain and tension respond very well to heat therapy, including stiff joins and old or recurring injuries.

Heat therapy can be used prior to activity, e.g. exercising. Heat can also be used after exercise and may help to prevent pain and future discomfort.

Unlike cold or ice therapy, which is usually only recommended to be applied for the first 48 hours following an injury, heat can be used on an ongoing basis.

Many patients suffering from arthritis find that using a heat pack can be beneficial in the morning to reduce their pain and can help them get through the day.

How does it work?

Heat allows the blood vessels to dilate which increases the supply of blood rich in oxygen to the tissues.

This helps the body to heal, and quickly assists in the repair of damaged areas.

Inreased blood supply provides a lot of nutrients, oxygen and proteins to the area which are beneficial for healing.

In addition, heat acts as a pain reliever by stimulating the specialised pain receptors on the skin. This then reduces the frequency of pain signals sent to the brain.

Heat is useful at relaxing and decreasing tension in the tissues of the area. Ligaments, tendons and muscles can move more easily which may minimise the likelihood of injury.

Where can I get a heat pack?

At Canberra spine centre, we sell heat packs provided by Wheat Bags Australia.

Please speak to your chiropractor if you would like further or more specific advice, and our chiropractic assistants will help you in the purchasing of this item!

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