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Growing Pains? Chiropractic Treatment May Offer Relief

Your child has been waking in the middle of the night frequently with complaints of severe leg pain. You would do anything to give your little one some relief and a good night’s sleep, but visits to the family doctor may leave you more frustrated than before when you receive a diagnosis of “growing pains” and are told that over-the-counter pain relievers and waiting it out may be your only recourse. However, you do have another option: seeing your chiropractor in Canberra.

The Mystery of Growing Pains

Growing pains can occur in children as young as 3 and all the way up to adolescence. This condition is primarily characterised by pains that occur deep in the calves, knees or thighs, but back pain or discomfort in other areas of the body may also occur. The discomfort typically strikes at night and may happen more often after a day of strenuous physical activity. Very little medical research has been performed on this common phenomenon, and much of it focuses on the legs only. Chiropractors, however, look at the whole body and have plenty of anecdotal evidence that spinal adjustments can help alleviate growing pains in the legs.

Possible Underlying Causes

If a medical checkup rules out serious problems such as scoliosis or juvenile arthritis, your child may simply have misaligned vertebrae. Childhood and adolescence are times of rapid growth, and anything that interferes with normal development can cause misalignments in the spine. These scenarios can include birth trauma, falls, sports injuries, rough play and even just being too sedentary. Not hitting developmental milestones such as walking at the appropriate time can also lead to biomechanical issues that place strain on the spinal nerves. This stress on the nervous system can manifest as pain anywhere in the body, including the legs, but the good news is that your Canberra chiropractor can easily get your child’s nervous system flowing as it should with chiropractic care. The end result will be a properly aligned spinal column that provides a safe, pressure-free space for the nervous system to thrive and communicate optimally with the rest of the body.

Canberra Chiropractic Care for Growing Pains

Chiropractic treatment is a safe, drug-free approach to alleviating growing pains and helping your whole family achieve wellness the natural way. To learn how we can treat your back pain, headaches and more, contact Canberra Spine Centre now to schedule a consultation.