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Gardening for Mental Health

Doing some good old-fashioned gardening outdoors or even indoors can be a great way to improve your mental health! Here are just a few of the reasons gardening can help your mind to grow and relax.

#1 Looking after plants gives us a sense of responsibility

Having to look after plants is a great place to start when first taking responsibility for something.

Start your kids early, give them a small space and a few plants that they are to care for in your garden.

Give them creativity to decorate and explore caring for something that is their own.

As for giving yourself responsibility, start with some small plants if you are thinking of getting a pet or having a kid.

It can be a great way to set up some self-responsibility!

#2 Gardening helps us relax and let things go

Gardening allows us to step out of a stressful situation and focus on creating something beautiful.

Whether it’s moving soil around, putting in seeds, repotting or planting, these things help our minds to escape the stresses of everyday life and really consider how we are bringing new life and beauty to something that was once bare.

#3 Some aspects of gardening allows us to vent anger and unhappiness

In some gardens you need to go at those weeds with all you’ve got!

Tugging, pulling, digging, cutting and chopping can all be done safely to remove those pesky plants while letting out a little frustration. I’ve personally pulled out a weed or two after a bad day.

Just make sure you are always bending correctly and using your knees to lift out heavy roots. Avoid twisting while bent over and get low to the ground and pull from the source where possible!

#4 Gardening helps us deal with the circle of life

Sometimes plants die. Sometimes we get really angry at them, ask them what they want then leave them out the back to die because – well they’re stupid.

Other times a plant that you never focused on too hard can start giving new shoots and create the most beautiful leaves.

We learn to move past fallen plants and ruined bits of garden to cherish the new growth and excitement we feel when we bring home a new plant friend to add to our collections!

#5 Plants are, to put it simply, BEAUTIFUL

Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by radiant leaves and stunning flowers? (maybe someone will allergies but that’s for another time).

There are millions upon millions of different types of plants out there and in Australia we have access to so many! From Australian bush natives, to beautiful flowers from other countries, to lush tropical plants.

We could have them all in our gardens. With such a wide range of shapes, sizes, smells, textures and patterns, a person could get lost in a garden if they wanted to.

So, step outside this winter on a sunny day and spend some time in your garden, whether its venting some anger with some weed pulling or planting some beautiful pansies for a great pop of colour.

Spending time outside is good for our bodies and our minds. Remember to always practice safe lifting techniques, take regular breaks, and drink plenty of water.