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Benefits of Buying and Eating Local Produce

Here’s a 2 minutes and 32 seconds Benefits of Buying and Eating Local Produce video. See full transcript below.

For those health conscious individuals, they prefer to buy and consume local produce products. That’s because locally produced foods are more beneficial when it comes to nutrients and food-safety. Local foods are not only known to be a healthy choice for your body as they are also good for the environment and economy. Fruits and vegetables are harvested at their peak freshness, allowing the essential nutrients to be undamaged. Since the crops are grown, harvested and sold by local farmers, local foods are fresher and better than those in the grocery stores.

Good nutrition doesn’t only calls for healthy foods and beverages; you also need to consider that the foods you consume must provide no side effects or harmful properties. Organic farmers are using fewer chemicals compared to commercial farmers. That is why foods are fresher, tastier and has better nutritional value. Local produce foods also allow you to eat the crops during their abundance. You will be able to enjoy a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables within the seasons at a pocket-friendly price.

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Benefits of Buying and Eating Local Produce

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