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Animal Arthritis

It’s tough to see a loved one struggle.

Remember when they used to go crazy sprinting around the garden and jumping fences?

Now, they struggle going up stairs and even getting out of bed is difficult.

What happened to the dog that used to drag you for a walk?

Now you must stop and wait for them to catch up! What happened? The most likely cause is arthritis.

My practice sees many animals with arthritis, both young and old and get great results.

Animals experience the same us, except for one thing… they age quicker, and that means that they experience the onset of these symptoms much faster than what happens to us humans.

What is the cause of arthritis?

Research into arthritis indicates that arthritis is caused by abnormal loading of a joint combined with chronic inflammation.

When a joint has uneven pressure on it, it causes an inflammatory response. (imagine standing on one leg and the uneven pressure causing your knee or foot to get sore).

If the asymmetrical pressure and inflammation persists, it can lead to the joint breaking down. This can contribute to the development of arthritis in pets and humans.

How does chiropractic help with arthritic pets?

Animal chiropractors (or Animal biomechanical medicine graduates) are trained to assess your pet for joint abnormalities.

Once the dysfunction has been discovered the practitioner uses specific gentle techniques to restore normal movement and alignment.

The restoration of movement and alignment reduces the joint stress and inflammatory process.

Having the problem corrected restores normal function and may reduce the chance of arthritis occurring.

If the animal already suffers from arthritis it benefits from increased motion and reduced inflammation.

These improvements often show as better movement, happier temperament, more energy and increased limb strength.

What results should you expect with Animal Chiropractic?

We see many great improvements in animals that suffer from arthritis.

Often clients report that they see improvement in their animals’ problems within a day or two.

Most animals typically respond to care quickly, but it can depend on the how chronic and severe the condition is.

Most common improvements seen are:

  • Jumping in and out of the car again.
  • More energy.
  • Ease to get out of bed.
  • Better walking and movement.
  • Increased muscle tone and strength
  • And much more.

Canberra Animal Chiropractic can help with age-related degeneration such as arthritis, joint stiffness, and loss of muscle tone and strength. We will help your pet discover their inner puppy and get them moving happily once again.