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A Guide To Your First Chiropractor Visit

Chiropractic care is an all-natural approach to restoring and improving the overall health and general well-being of your mind and body. Operating on the fundamental understanding that the body, on its own, is self-regulating, self-healing, chiropractic care optimises spinal health and the primordial connection between the mind, the nervous system, and the entire body.

Doctors of chiropractic, do everything in their abilities to promptly and efficiently relieve their patients’ symptoms and, more importantly, treat any underlying problem.

While mainly consisting of spinal adjustments that correct any misalignment in the spine, chiropractic care is also a healthcare approach that is built on a wide range of techniques and philosophies.

As such, people who are seeking chiropractic care for the first time often wonder what happens during their first chiropractic visit.

What Happens During Your First Visit

During the initial visit, most chiropractors tend to do an thorough assessment on your medical history. Here, you are usually asked to honestly, and in great details, fill out forms that gather the specific information which is then used to map out a treatment plan that addresses your health needs.

After gathering your complete medical history, your chiropractor performs an extensive chiropractic examination. This usually consists of general assessment (such as blood pressure, pulse, reflexes, and respiration), and very specific orthopaedic and neurological assessment (such as range of motion, muscle tone, muscle strength, and neurological integrity).

Depending on the result of the initial examination, your chiropractor might or might not require you to undergo further diagnostic studies to determine more accurately the pathologies and abnormalities relevant to your current condition. Among the most common diagnostic procedures include X-Rays, MRIs, and other laboratory tests.

The information gathered in your medical history and both the results of your chiropractic exam and further diagnosis studies culminate into a well-informed chiropractic treatment plan. Once the diagnosis has been established, your chiropractor will then discuss with you the areas that are of concern and how chiropractic can help you deal with these problems.

Most chiropractors, if possible, introduce their patients into a treatment program as soon as their first visit. There are others, however, that schedule the start on the next appointment.

Among the most crucial and recurring components of most chiropractic treatment programs include spinal adjustments that correct improperly functioning and misaligned spinal joints and other modalities that improve soft tissue healing. In addition, patient education is also an essential part of chiropractic care.  Other available treatments, if deemed necessary by your chiropractor, might include massage, heat and cold application, and nutrition education.

Your Trusted Chiropractor In Canberra

Since first opening its doors, the Canberra Spine Centre has dedicated its practice to helping its patients maximize the genetic potential of their bodies.

Whether it’s persisting a headache, neck pain, back pain, or chronic tiredness, your gentle chiropractor in Canberra here at the Canberra Spine Centre offers no less than state-of-the-art chiropractic treatments to safely and effectively relieve your discomfort and prevent its recurrence.

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