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How to Overcome Beliefs that Prevent Wellness

Many people live their life under the false impression that, with regard to their health, they are stuck where they are and that’s as good as it gets. A lot of patients, and perhaps more so the elderly,

have given up hope of that they can be healthy again and recover the quality of life they desire.

Sometimes this belief is just something they’ve inherited without thinking. Other times it may be that their medical doctor has told them that ‘you can’t be helped’.

So as a consumer, how can you be more open to the possibility of great health?

  1. Don’t believe everything you hear.

Sometimes, the ‘expert’ you are talking to really is just expressing opinion and not fact – they may not be across all areas related to health.

  1. Ask questions.

A good one is, ‘why is that so?’ Another good one is, ‘what is your experience of…?’

Being curious, open to new ideas, and ready to question both new and old ideas will bring rewards not only for your future health decisions, but also for life in general.

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