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How can chiropractic help during pregnancy?

Body changes.

During this ever-changing time, as the tiny life within you grows and develops, your body is experiencing changes both hormonally and mechanically. These changing body mechanics are putting more pressure on your pelvic joints and lumbar spine, while hormonal changes make you more susceptible to injury. Chiropractic can change your experience of pregnancy and childbirth to make it more comfortable and less difficult.

Function affects pregnancy and birth.

Restoring proper movement to the pelvis and ensuring the surrounding ligaments and muscles are functioning well and not under undue stress is important an important part of chiropractic care for women who are pregnant. Supporting tissues of the pelvis are working so much harder during pregnancy due to the extra weight and size. More specifically, misalignment of a woman’s pelvis can reduce the diameter of the pelvic outlet and create torsion of the uterus (via the uterine ligaments), causing pain for mother and affecting baby positioning and difficult labour (dystocia). We use special techniques to release tension in the round, iliolumbar and sacrotuberous ligaments to assist with pelvis alignment and function. Our chiropractors at Canberra Spine Centre use a diverse array of techniques to suit your treatment preferences.

We look at your whole body.

Our focus is not just on the pelvic area. Misalignments of the skull and spine can also stretch, irritate or compress the delicate nerves of your nervous system (the prime control system), disrupting normal function. Just like our regular patients, people under chiropractic care often report a wide variety of other changes in their health and wellbeing as a result of chiropractic care to improve their nervous system function.

Common, not normal.

Lower back pain is quite common during pregnancy, but it is not something that ‘should’ happen. It is definitely not something you should expect to put up with. Using our gentle techniques, we can assist in reducing the causes of your low back pain, assisting your body to adapt with the changes associated with pregnancy.

Minimizing medication.

Chiropractic helps to remove lower back pain naturally, and this has flow-on effects. Some new interesting research recommends avoiding paracetamol during pregnancy as it can lead to increase in the incidence of eczema and asthma in children. So, avoiding pain medications can give a better outcome to your future baby. Here at Canberra Spine Centre, we want to help assist you have the best experience of pregnancy, not only in terms of your comfort and health, but also that of your baby.