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Do I need a Hip or Knee Replacement?

Hip and Knee pain are very common presentations that we see here at the Canberra Spine Centre. The human body is incredibly dynamic and very much connected through many different systems. One we talk about here is the kinetic chain.

This refers to the joints in the body that work together to be apart of one movement. I.e. how your legs joints work together when you are walking. You need ankle, knee, hip and pelvic movement to complete such a simple task.

Knee issues can be a bit hidden, as they are the hinge of the leg and pain is often referred to here from the hip or ankle or the knee overworking because of compensations.

Do I have an issue?

When we notice our hips and knees aren’t working as well, we find issues such as; climbing stairs, walking uphill or downhill, walking for long periods of time, issues getting in and out of the car. Clicking and grinding noises coming from these joints, tightness in the hamstrings or hip flexors, the list goes on.

Hip and Knee issues ate often thought of just getting older and that replacements are just what has to happen, but there are lots of things that can be done in the meantime. A hip replacement surgery has quite a high effectiveness, but it is still a surgery that comes with its risks.

Knee replacement surgeries have a lower effectiveness, because the issue can often come from the hip or ankle. What we also know is that we find a lot of these problems through weakened muscles or immobility of joints, often because of our more sedentary lifestyle.

A conservative management of hips and knees is highly recommended before looking at surgery, for one, correct rehabilitation of the joints can delay or make the need for surgery obsolete.

If the surgery is still required, patients show a much shorter healing time because the muscles that support the area are strong and working correctly to begin with. In some cases, referral to a surgeon is the best option, however, we know that this pre-surgery rehabilitation provides better post operation outcomes.

If the hip and knee joints are lacking mobility, your chiropractor can assess and ensure that these are working appropriately. We also check your lumbar spine and pelvis to make sure that the nerve that supply these muscles are working to their best potential.

Everyone has individual circumstances that need to be looked at by a health care professional. At your next visit, let us know if this is something we can assess for you!

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