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Dads Need to Care For Themselves So They Can Care For Others

Dads need to care for themselves

The expression, “you can’t pour from an empty cup” has been used in helping mothers understand the importance of looking after themselves for quite a few years, but this message is often skipped with the fathers! Let’s talk about it!

It takes energy to give energy

The idea is that you won’t be able to invest time, energy and care into others if you’re not functioning well mentally, physically or emotionally.

Just think how you respond to your kids when they ask a “why question” at 10am on a Saturday morning vs 8pm on a school night.

Very different responses, hey? If you’re stressed, tired, grumpy or in pain, the response will never be as good as you might want it to be.

Constant pressures and overload

Even in modern day 2022, there is still strong pressure for men to provide for most families, often sacrificing joys to do so.

This often leads to feeling worn out physically and mentally. When you experience more stress than you can handle, things start to break down.

At this point, you’re not the best version of yourself, and often not making the right decisions (eg. Yelling vs calmly discussing; or going back for that second serve of ice-cream!)

Adapt to stress and stay healthy

Keeping your body and brain functioning at its best allows you to make better decisions which in turn, helps you feel and function better! Your spine and nervous system controls almost every function of your body.

One of its main functions is to help you adapt to a stressful and changing environment.

When your nervous system is working properly, you will adapt better and stay healthier.

Do you know if your spine and nervous system are working well? Are you hoping? Do you know which areas need help? When was the last time you got it checked?

Men are realising their health is an asset worth protecting

We as Australians are beginning to see a shift in men starting to talk about and take action with their worries, concerns and health, but there is still a long way to go.

Here’s something to ponder – you can’t buy back time and you can’t buy back your health.

In recent times, more men are starting to realise this, and are spending time and energy on their health.

It’s important to care for yourself during all stages of life, not just ‘fix’ it all up at a more convenient time.

Putting yourself first now will help you in the long term, and will also help you to be your best for the others in your life – partner, friends, family and community. You’re not so helpful when you’re broken down!

As chiropractors, we love to see our patients improve and maintain their health for life.

We see the benefit of looking after people throughout their lives to maximise health and expression of life, not just when they’ve fallen in a heap.

Fix Now or Pay the Price Later

The injuries that we see in our office can seem like they happen over the course of days or week, but really, there have been changes in function occurring across months, years or even decades.

This is shown in our functioning testing but also in our imaging. In a lot of cases, we can get things back to optimal function.

Sometimes, however, if symptoms are ignored for years or decades – the person hoping those symptoms will just go away – it’s not possible to restore proper function anymore. Sometimes, sadly, that opportunity has passed by.

A special note to the fathers to be

Sometimes, it’s not just your own health, but that of your family or future family that you want to improve.

If you are trying to conceive a child there are some great nutritional and exercise tips you can use to optimise your success.

Physical exercise boosts your testosterone, which increases quality of your swimmers.

From a dietary perspective, selenium, CoQ10, Omega 3s and zinc have shown to increase quality and mobility. Theres lots you can do too to increase chances of conceiving.

We hope you have a fantastic Father’s Day and can’t wait to see you in the practice getting your bodies functioning at their optimal.

By doing so, it will make you a better dad, partner, work colleague and community member.

Get Your Dad Back to His Best

During the month of September, at Canberra Spine Centre, we are offering a complimentary initial consultation for all Dads. Here’s your opportunity to help your Dad, husband or partner be his best!

For more information or to book a consultation please call us on (02) 6257 9400.

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