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Chiropractic Care And Injury Prevention


The high efficiency at which chiropractic care actively prevents sports-related injuries has not been brought into the limelight until recently when a study on Australian Football players reported significantly lower cases of injury among those who seek professional chiropractic treatment.

The study involved two all male groups of Australian Football players. One group received standard medical surveillance while the other group received soft tissue and high velocity manipulation, both of which are traditional chiropractic techniques.


The result of the study prove to be very definitive and nothing short of astounding. Results show that the group who received chiropractic soft tissue and high velocity spinal manipulation suffered from much lesser strains in the lower limbs, had fewer injuries to the knees, and had lower cases of back pains.

The result of study directly translates to fewer cases of injury, less absenteeism, and fewer games missed by key players of the game. And while far from being conclusive or comprehensive, the study also suggests that chiropractic care techniques lessen the risk of hamstring injuries and non-contact knee injuries.

A chiropractic related-study in Brazil reports that traditional chiropractic care techniques improve the athletic performance among judo players. In is in the same vein that chiropractic care is reported to improve the performance of college football players, according to a United States research.

Chiropractor In Canberra

At its very core, chiropractic care is all about optimising the genetic potential of the body. By relieving the spine of unwanted nerve interference that largely results from spinal subluxation, chiropractic care improves the natural communication between the mind and body.

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