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Bad Habits That Cause Low Back Pain

You haven’t been in an accident or lifted anything heavier than a bag of groceries lately, so why does your lower back throb and seize up constantly? The answer very likely lies in the little things you do every day rather than a major traumatic event. You may not even be aware of the not-so-healthy habits that throw off your balance or trigger inflammation, so here’s the lowdown on what could be causing your low back pain:

  • Sleeping position: Sleeping on your stomach places strain on the neck and back. People with low back pain are more likely to find comfort in a side-sleeping position with a pillow between the knees or on the back with a pillow under the knees.
  • Old mattress: Waking up with back pain is often a sign that your mattress needs to be replaced. Mattresses lose their shape and ability to support your back over time, so you should consider replacing yours at least every eight years.
  • Bad posture: All kinds of bad sitting and standing habits can place strain on your back. Slouching with your head jutting forward is just asking for trouble, as is placing more weight on one leg than the other when standing. Sitting on your wallet and crossing your legs can also disturb the balance of your spine. Proper posture means keeping your shoulders back and your lower back slightly arched with your weight evenly distributed on both sides.
  • The wrong accessories: A slight arch in the lower back is good. A severe sway due to tottering around in high heels only makes your back muscles work harder. A heavy handbag can also upset your balance, so carry a smaller, lighter bag and alternate it from shoulder to shoulder throughout the day.
  • Lack of exercise: Regular exercise benefits the whole body and helps strengthen the muscles that support good posture. Your Canberra chiropractor can recommend toning and stretching exercises that help ease your back pain.
  • Poor food choices: Being overweight is a major risk factor for numerous health problems, including back pain. Carrying around extra fat places lots of pressure on the joints and nerves. Also, a diet heavy in refined carbs and sugars can lead to inflammation in the body.

Your Chiropractor in Canberra Can Help

If a lifetime of bad habits is the source of your back pain, forming healthier habits is a great first step. However, you’re going to need a little extra help from your chiropractor in Canberra to reverse spinal misalignment and restore your nervous system to optimal functioning. To learn more about how chiropractic care can not only alleviate your back pain but also improve your general well-being, contact Canberra Spine Centre today to take advantage of our special, reduced-fee appointment for new patients.

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