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6 Common Habits that Cause Low Back Pain

You may not even be aware of the not-so-healthy habits that throw off your balance or trigger inflammation.

Here’s the lowdown on what could be causing your low back pain:

  1. Sleeping position

Sleeping on your stomach places strain on the neck and back.

  1. Old mattress

Mattresses lose their shape and ability to support your back over time. Consider replacing yours at least every eight years.

  1. Bad posture

All kinds of bad sitting and standing habits can place strain on your back, such as slouching with your head jutting forward, sitting on your wallet and crossing your legs.

  1. The wrong accessories

A severe sway due to tottering around in high heels only makes your back muscles work harder. Also, a heavy handbag can also upset your balance.

  1. Lack of exercise

Regular exercise benefits the whole body and helps strengthen the muscles that support good posture.

  1. Poor food choices

Carrying around extra fat places lots of pressure on the joints and nerves. Also, a diet heavy in refined carbs and sugars can lead to inflammation in the body.

If a lifetime of bad habits is the source of your back pain, forming healthier habits is a great first step.

Chiropractic adjustments reverse spinal misalignment and restore your nervous system to optimal functioning.

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